Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Good Timing Guide and Mercury in Retrograde

When communication breakdowns happen - the phone breaks or I don't get that e-mail message until days later or I miss that call - I often talk about Mercury being in retrograde. How do I know? I rely on Madeline Gerwick and The Good Timing Guide. Here's an excerpt from her June newsletter:

This Mercury retrograde (started on May 26th and ends June 19th) began with Mercury almost exactly square Uranus, a sign of technology challenges for sure. This could mean between now and June 10th, we could experience a lot more computer crashes, or technical problems with telephones, emails, faxes, printers, and other electronic equipment. So hopefully you prepared for this Mercury retrograde period well before hand and did a full system back-up. This cycle (Mercury square Uranus) will be back again at the end of June and early July, so once this retrograde is over on June 19th, you must still be vigilant about your computer back-ups and car repairs.

Mercury moves backwards through the sign of Gemini this time, suggesting that we’re all reconsidering certain data, finding our mistakes in the details we ignored before (just like above!), and since it’s square to Uranus, this Mercury retrograde could also bring us some upsetting or unexpected news that leads us to reconsider what we believe about the past. Mercury is also trine Neptune and this suggests that our intuition will work better for us than logical analysis. If you get caught in a tough situation during this Mercury retrograde, check into your guts or whichever part of your body sends you your messages. And speaking of guts, did you know that your guts have “brain cells” there? They’re known as neuro-peptides and that’s the reason your guts tend to get the information faster than our brains do. Our brains must go through a lot of processing of the data, but your guts just get the information and pretty quickly they give you an accurate sense of the situation. So tune in to what’s going on there.

It's fantastic information, that helps me understand a little more about what is influencing my daily life. If you want to know more about the Good Timing Guide, go to this site. www.polarisbusinessguides.com

Here's more contact information:
Madeline C. Gerwick, Certified Business and Personal Astrologer
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Toll free: 877-524-8300

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