Wednesday, July 30, 2008

True Value Color Quiz

Have some fun and find out your "color." Visit

My color personality per this site is black. The site says:

Nothing can stand between you and your demand for a calm environment. To be free of conflict and disagreement is the only way to live. In fact, it’s this philosophy that probably allows you to be comfortable in conditions that would normally bother others. Your ability to focus is undisputed, and while you enjoy attention, you still have problems understanding how to handle it. No other color out lives by the golden rule as much as you do.

It's actually pretty accurate, given that I proposed a thesis topic on how to eliminate conflict, at which my advisor laughed quite scornfully. As if we really can live conflict-free lives! Well, actually, I mostly do. It's taken many years to get here, but hey - it was worth the wait and is a much more pleasant way to live.

Of course, you can also go to the Better Homes & Gardens Color Personality Quiz which gave me quite a different result - Yellow!

Like yellow's strongest symbol, the sun, you radiate warmth. Others love to be around you because you have a gift for always looking on the bright side, and your ready smile can be infectious. Chances are your calendar is packed -- yellow lovers tend to be always on the go! Your signature color indicates someone imaginative and creative, so don't be afraid to express yourself through the way you dress and the way you decorate your home. Cheerful yellow is the ideal hue for a kitchen, laundry room, or any room that needs some extra brightness.

Since I am optimistic and painted my kitchen yellow, I guess this is a classic example of a couple of adages:

1) we are complex beings made up of many parts
2) take what you like and leave the rest.

Salary information

To get basic salary range information, go to Michael Page International is a 30 year old UK-based company with operations in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. MPI helps employers find top-notch talent and people to find great jobs. The site has a "salary finder" so you can find out how much others in your geographic area are being paid for jobs similar to those you seek.

Self Growth website is a site that provides information to help people improve their lives. It includes resources on many different topics, from goal-setting to stress management and becoming more positive. Many articles are free and so many of them are really helpful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tip for the Day

Dannette Hibberd at sent me this reminder:

As the autopilot controls the height at which a 747 cruises
in flight, your opinion of yourself determines how high you
fly in life.

If you constantly criticise yourself, you're lowering your

Be gentle on yourself and watch how fast you start to climb!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I constantly recommend LinkedIn to people as a way to connect with people around work-related issues. I have a profile that makes it easy for people to see what I'm doing and what I've done in the past. I have a network of people to whom my contacts can connect, for information, interviews, references, services - you name it. I know people who've gotten jobs through reconnecting with former employers or colleagues. It's simply the most relevant networking site out there for professionals in any field.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Giving and Receiving

Many people find it easier to give to others than to receive. It's easier to pay someone a compliment than to say "thank you" when someone compliments you. Or it's easier to make time to help someone with their job search than to ask someone else to give you that time.

Here's what I had to do to get over that reluctance to receive.

I realized how good I feel when I help someone else, and they are really thankful for it. So how can I deny other people that same pleasure?

By receiving a gift from someone, I give them a gift in return - the gift of good feeling and satisfaction.

Truth there is here

“Do or do not... there is no try.” - Yoda

Website Readability

Dale King, a member of StartUp Nation (a website by and for entrepreneurs) wrote this great article about putting together a readable website. I pass these valuable tips along exactly as he wrote them.

During the course of a day, I often visit many websites, both for business purposes and pleasure. More often than not, I find websites that have poor readability. What do I mean by poor readability? Here are the five most common readability faux pas I come across:

1. White or light text on a black or dark background. This is a readability no, no. Why? This is called text in low-contrast, and research has shown that text in low contrast irritates the reader and causes eye fatigue. Instead, use contrasting colors like black or dark text on a white or light-colored background. This is easier on the eyes, and much more reader-friendly.

2. Huge blocks of text. Readers of web pages are notorius scanners, so break up your text into shorter, bite-sized paragraphs. There's nothing worse than trying to read a paragraph that seems to never end. Most people won't even bother to try. They'll just click away and leave your site. Also, use bullets and subheads whenever possible.

3. Tiny text. Stay away from using tiny font sizes that make people squint or requires bifocals to read. Stick with 12pt font whenever possible. Or at the very least 10pt font. Conversely, don't use overly large font sizes either. And use all-capitalization sparingly.

4. Fancy fonts. Whenever possible use regular or standard font types such as Times Roman, Arial or Verdana. Try to stay away from hard to read fancy fonts, such as Italic, Comic Sans or any type of cursive fonts.

5. Too much clutter. So many websites I visit look like someone's attic. Clutter, clutter and more clutter. Have you ever visited a website that was so cluttered, your eyes didn't know where to begin to look? Do you know what I do when I come across a website like that? Instead of hanging around trying to figure things out, I leave. Don't over-crowd your webpages with text and graphics. Less is more. I personally live by the motto, "White space is a good thing!"
There are of course many other things you can do to make your website more readable. I will cover those in another article.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Action Makes the ONLY Difference

Lest I ever forget that I always can give myself credit for doing something - no matter how well or poorly, I love this quote from Teddy Roosevelt (speaking at the Sorbonne in 1910):

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

Long ago, I heard or coined the phrase: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly.

Almost no one has understood that, until I explain that it's only by taking the action that I will gain experience. And through experience I can learn how to do something better - or learn that I don't want to do it again. So if I think it's worth doing, why not give it a go? So what if I do it badly? Next time, I'll do a little better.

We tell children that "practice makes perfect" yet do we actually live that way? So many adults (myself included) want to do things at an excellent level - the VERY FIRST TIME we attempt them! That's unrealistic, not to mention ridiculous.

However, this level of expectation is everywhere in our modern western world. Can you believe there is a job title of "critic?" People actually get paid to criticize other people's efforts. It's very sad. This is why so many people in the public eye learn to ignore reviews of their work or stories about them.

Most of us have our own "public" for whom we perform - our family, friends, inner voices. The lesson here is to ignore those voices that criticize us, that tell us we failed, that laugh at our attempts to follow our dreams, that discourage our taking action that might lead to a different path for us.

So the point of what Teddy and I are saying is to ignore those critics. Go ahead, take an action! It may feel risky, yet the real risk is in doing nothing and regretting it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Networking and Job Sites is an online professional networking site for African American professionals to network and search for career opportunities with companies that value diversity. promotes Hispanic employment and networking opportunities for Hispanic and Bilingual Professionals through its partnerships with leading Hispanic organizations and corporate clients.

I also found these sites: is comprised of multiple employment Web sites focusing exclusively on local communities in the State of New Jersey. The site has articles and tips for job seekers, from some unexpected sources. a career site services company that builds and manages job posting sites for more than 1000 organizations and associations (such as the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR),, Interior Design Magazine, National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), and, and AHRMIO - The Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations ), manages job opening postings for employers, and gives job seekers access to jobs from all their partners and partner sites. for jobs, careers, employment and recruitment in the financial sector, including banking, IT and investment banking. Part of Dice Holdings, it targets professionals working in banking and the financial markets and those firms seeking to employ them. is a plain vanilla site with very little descriptive material. As well as jobs, it has a good selection of "career resources," basically links to articles at and other sites that are worth a click.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Social Entrepreneurship jobs

Look on for jobs in organizations that embody the principles of social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurs are proven leaders whose approaches and solutions to social problems are helping to better the lives and circumstances of countless underserved or disadvantaged individuals.

FYI, the Skoll Foundation, which promotes systemic change to benefit communities around the world by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs. Social Edge is the global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners of the social benefit sector connect to network, learn, inspire and share resources.