Wednesday, July 30, 2008

True Value Color Quiz

Have some fun and find out your "color." Visit

My color personality per this site is black. The site says:

Nothing can stand between you and your demand for a calm environment. To be free of conflict and disagreement is the only way to live. In fact, it’s this philosophy that probably allows you to be comfortable in conditions that would normally bother others. Your ability to focus is undisputed, and while you enjoy attention, you still have problems understanding how to handle it. No other color out lives by the golden rule as much as you do.

It's actually pretty accurate, given that I proposed a thesis topic on how to eliminate conflict, at which my advisor laughed quite scornfully. As if we really can live conflict-free lives! Well, actually, I mostly do. It's taken many years to get here, but hey - it was worth the wait and is a much more pleasant way to live.

Of course, you can also go to the Better Homes & Gardens Color Personality Quiz which gave me quite a different result - Yellow!

Like yellow's strongest symbol, the sun, you radiate warmth. Others love to be around you because you have a gift for always looking on the bright side, and your ready smile can be infectious. Chances are your calendar is packed -- yellow lovers tend to be always on the go! Your signature color indicates someone imaginative and creative, so don't be afraid to express yourself through the way you dress and the way you decorate your home. Cheerful yellow is the ideal hue for a kitchen, laundry room, or any room that needs some extra brightness.

Since I am optimistic and painted my kitchen yellow, I guess this is a classic example of a couple of adages:

1) we are complex beings made up of many parts
2) take what you like and leave the rest.

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