Friday, October 3, 2008

ONE GOAL - Great advice from BizWeb E-gazette (with my added comments)

Here's a great answer to the question of "why am I not making money on the web?" I apply this answer to other questions like "why am I not reaching my goals?" and "I keep trying, but I'm not succeeding - why?"

The first thing you need to do is focus your efforts to a SINGLE project. For most people that starts with minimizing information overload and paralysis by analysis.

Reduce the number of newsletters and ebooks you read each week. Do not worry about losing out on the latest information. Chances are, you already have enough information to put yourself on the path to success if you just use whatever you've got now instead of perpetually reading, studying and learning the so-called latest method in internet marketing.

Do you think the gurus got to where they are by constantly reading e-books without doing actual marketing?

Spend your time such that it gives maximum returns everyday. Maximum returns are NOT attained from reading e-books, watching videos and listening to podcasts. You don't make any money doing those activities.

Sure, learning is essential but if you spend too much time on educating yourself, you can actually minimize your income potential. So set aside just two hours every Friday for those learning activities.

The next step is to start spending ALL of your other work time doing tasks that actually make you money.

I'll add that it's beneficial to focus on ONE GOAL instead of several. Work toward that one goal.

First, of course, we need to settle on that ONE GOAL. Choosing sometimes seems impossible.

My experience is that when I focus on ONE GOAL, I start to experience success in that area. That success provides more motivation for me to keep working at that ONE GOAL. Eventually, this success feeds my motivation and energy to tackle another goal.

Selecting the ONE GOAL can be difficult. I try to determine what's most important to me RIGHT NOW.

* Am I worried about money, afraid I won't be able to pay my bills or retire in the future? Then the ONE GOAL is to achieve financial stability.

* Am I overweight and worried about my health because of it? Am I afraid I'll get diabetes or have a heart attack or stroke sometime in the future? Then my ONE GOAL is to release my extra weight, to let it go!

Essentially I know enough to do almost anything. If I don't, I can set aside some time to learn more. Also I can learn from my experiences from doing. So I just take action - the next step.

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