Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Don't Have to Try So Hard

A friend talked to me today about her "malaise" - not feeling like trying anymore. As she said, "Trying definitely is trying!"

It prompted me to remember when I stopped trying so very hard to achieve whatever.

I stopped when I got really sick of being disappointed over and over again. I also realized that perhaps I was missing serendipitous opportunities or experiences by being so focused on what I wanted to happen.

It's difficult to let go of striving, especially living in a world that talks about "set a goal!" "don't procrastinate!" and "you control your destiny and life through your thoughts!"

I have come to see that I do have some control over my thoughts insofar as how I choose to view the world. Do I see it as a giant taskmaster, demanding great effort from me every hour? Or do I see it as a benevolent source of abundance that I can tap into when I am open to possibility and practice acceptance? I now choose the latter. It just feels better, honestly. Not so stressful or competitive.

That doesn't mean I have given up on dreams and intentions. Au contraire! I have many intentions and dreams, toward which I work every day. I simply gave up the time line and the pressure that brings. And I gave up the idea that I know how "it" should all turn out, and that I will only get my desired outcome if I work diligently and in a certain way. I do the next thing I can, check to see if it's aligned with my intention, and bid "adieu" to those thoughts that start pressuring me to "do more."

I love that my friend allowed me to be reminded that I really don't have to try so hard.

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