Monday, April 21, 2008

The Barefoot Executive

Carrie Wilkerson works from home in her bare feet - helping other women do the same thing. On her amazing web site, there is great free information as well as fee-based programs.

Because I am at home most of the time now, I decided to find out what I could possibly do working at home and using the Internet. The Barefoot Executive was one of the sites I happened across and then stuck with after getting a taste of it.

I started out reading all the free stuff and ended up paying to get access to the webinars and phone calls Carrie does with people throughout the globe who are running successful businesses from home. Most of the guests have a really strong web presence, so there is plenty of information about how to use the internet to build a business.

Most of all, there is just plain basic information about how one goes about going into business for yourself. Her focus is women, and most of her guests are women. Topics in the "Free Articles" section include: Is Earning a Living Stopping You?, Direct Sales Divas: Doing It Your Way!, Is Fear Stopping You From Pursuing Your Dream?, Ten Steps to a Financially Fabulous Future, and more from people like Vicky Collins, The Deduction Diva; Mark Semple, Support Coach; and Carrie herself.

Check it out and see if there are any tools on the site The Barefoot Executive that could help you pursue your "right fit" work and career - and grow happy as you do.

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