Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I love chocolate. Any kind. If possible, I want Belgian milk chocolate. Cote D'Or is my favorite, although Trader Joe's imports a 1+ lb. slab that is fantastic and much less expensive. In a pinch, however, I'll eat any chocolate, even that horrible CocoVia.

Chocolate does not like me, however. I gain a lot of weight fast when I eat chocolate, because I simply cannot stop eating it until it is completely gone. Now, I would like to lose weight. That means I can't eat chocolate. Simple, right?

Well, it actually is that simple. Simple does not mean easy, however. Because I love chocolate so much, I've tried many different ways to keep it in my life. I've tried eating only two or three or four pieces (see, already I can't limit myself!). If I start eating it, though, I have that taste in my mouth and I just want more of it. So despite my promises to myself, I will go and get the bag or bar and eat more.

I thought to myself, "OK, maybe it's just milk chocolate that does that to me. I know! I'll get dark chocolate. Then I won't be tempted to eat too much. And after all, dark chocolate is supposed to be good for us." Unfortunately, the last time I tried that, I found myself back to eating the entire lode in one sitting.

The wonderful thing about this time around is that I had just listened to a tape from Dr. Jonny Bowden on the Rich Life Club site. One question was from a person who had a healthy diet - lots of vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish - but when he ate a bag of M&Ms, he gained 5 pounds; why was this happening? I loved Dr. Bowden's response: why are you eating the M&Ms in the first place? If you know that you gain 5 pounds every time you eat them and don't want to gain the weight, just don't do it!

In a flash, it became so obvious that I, too, have more than enough information about my body, my reaction to chocolate, and my weight. It's my choice to apply it so I can get the results I want. If I'm unhappy with my weight, I can apply that information to lose weight - or at very least not put on more.

I know that I overeat chocolate - all chocolate - and by doing so, I gain or retain weight. If I don't want to gain weight, I can choose not to eat chocolate in any shape, size, type, form or variety. And if I do choose to eat chocolate, I can do it with my eyes wide open about the certain consequences. Denial is not an option anymore. It's completely my choice.

The bottom line for me: since I have the information, why not use it to get the results I want? And suddenly what's simple is a lot easier, too.

If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Jonny and the Rich Life Club, check out Rich Life Club. If you sign up through me, it will cost $19.95 a month rather than the normal $49.95 for direct signups.

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