Monday, February 9, 2009

Michael LeBoeuf's The Millionaire in You

Michael LeBoeuf shows that there are four things people need to know about money: how to make it, how to save it, how to invest it, and how to enjoy it.

The key is LeBoeuf’s Law: Invest your time actively and your money passively. These are LeBoeuf’s ten strategic choices aligned with the Law:

* Live the life you want instead of the life others expect.

* Stack the odds in your favor instead of against you.

* Be a supersaver instead of a big spender.

* Increase the market value of your time instead of working long hours.

* Do less better instead of trying to do it all.

* Capitalize on the unexpected instead of being derailed by it.

* Own the market instead of trying to beat the market.

* Limit your losses instead of letting bad luck ruin you.

* Listen to those who know instead of those who sell.

* Do it now instead of regretting it later

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