Thursday, August 21, 2008

Changing my attitude toward change

Madeline Gerwick of the Good Timing Guide recently posted this information that helps put change into perspective.

In addition to the explosive and volatile energies of Mars opposite Uranus, plus two eclipses, now we have the cycle of Mars square Pluto in range. It will be with us through August 25th and it peaks on August 16th, just in time for the Lunar Eclipse!

I'm sure that’s no accident. The Universe is sending us a BIG message here. It wants us to focus on what really motivates us. What gets us out of bed in the morning? What makes us feel alive and juicy? What actions do we take that inspire us to move forward in our lives? If we’re not feeling that way, it’s time to reassess what motivates us, and take different actions.

This can feel like a crisis as we go through this process and realize that what we’re doing isn’t working for us any more. It’s OK. We’re all making rapid changes now and since we’re going to continue making rapid changes, nothing is ever going to stay the same. We need to go through this process periodically.

I find the last paragraph completely applicable to any time of change. If one is feeling overwhelmed by everything that's going on now, it is helpful to remember that this is natural to feel. And I always try to allow my natural curiosity to come forth. When I say "gee, I wonder what's going to happen next!", I feel my spirit lightening. I'm no longer oppressed by the unknown, I'm excited by the unfolding that is on its way.

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