Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Glow Project

View the trailer for an upcoming DVD from The Glow Project.

It's intended to help women tap into their inner strength and assets, by showcasing the lives of 14 very successful women and how they overcame severe challenges. The trailer focuses on the challenges. I assume the DVD then focuses on their solution - apparently tapping into their "glow."

The trailer is very slickly produced, testament to the professional abilities of the women it features. If that sounds like damning faint praise, perhaps it is. I'm always a little leery of these highly produced products that promise much and end up delivering not so much. Like The Secret.

The Secret promised to give us "the" answer to getting what we want from life. All it did for me was repeat something I've heard for decades, albeit in a very dramatic, telegenic way: think positively. For many people, including me, the question then was "so how do I do that?" I wanted tools. Supposedly, The Glow provides them. I will definitely check it out.

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