Friday, August 1, 2008

The SoulMate Oracle

The SoulMate Oracle is located at, a site devoted to teaching and insights from the collective energy of Heart, who asked to be called Alana (because of the three sacred, and heart-activating "ah" sounds). Alana is channeled by Sandy Breckenridge, an intuitive.

I found the site years ago when searching for my sister Alana's name on the web. As my twin, she certainly is my mirror! And in Irish, Alana (Ah-layn-ah) means "beloved one."

Over time I've read lots of insightful messages on the site to support my growth. So whether one "believes" in channeled energy or not, the content is definitely helpful.

Here's what the site says about Alana:

Alana is essentially the same energy or vibration that dwells within the hearts of all humanity. This collective heart energy has found a way to communicate to us directly, through Sandy. When we receive an answer from Alana, the response is a mirror of the intention behind the presented question...Alana is the energy of our hearts mirrored back to us.

"Alana" says of "herself":

Alana-being is all heart...Alana tone is this same vibration coming forth so that you may know your heart. You see, many have asked to feel and remember their spiritual essence, which lies within their heart. So Alana so willingly comes forth, blended with Sandy-being, to be a mirror of you. Alana is here to play with you and support you in awakening to your grand self... Sandy-being has spent many lifetimes learning how to be connected to her heart so that she may be a mouth piece for the energy of heart, which is Alana. Do understand that the name, Alana, is purely a tone and not a needed personification of identity. It is a way to direct intention, therefore the tone which comes from the spoken word of Alana awakens the heart.

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